Yale Digital Door Locks

Reasons to Install Yale Digital Locks for Home Security

The door of a house is what stands between the dangerous outside world and a safe haven for relaxation and privacy. All things inside the household are sentimental and hard earned, and the thought of someone taking all these things away is distressing to ponder upon. That is why a door and its lock are one of the most important security features in your home. Of course, a door should be sturdy and durable. It should be able to withstand any amount of pressure and should not break easily.

Thieves don’t really focus on breaking down your door; rather, they focus on cracking the lock. Many have reported burglary crimes wherein thieves either damaged or picked the locks to gain access to homes. Most of these homes even have security chains and double locks, but even these additional security lock features were no match to skilled and creative thieves.

Yale Digital Door Locks Security Features

Keyless: The Yale digital lock, like almost all digital locks, are keyless. This removes the possibility of thieves picking your locks.

PIN number: As a substitute for keys, a personal identification number (PIN) is the access to your door. A Yale lock can have up to 12 numbers for your PIN. This makes it hard to guess and makes it harder to access for burglars.

Auto lockout: An auto lockout is the most anti-theft feature a digital lock has. After 5 consecutive wrong PIN number inputs, it automatically locks down to prevent any brute force attack on your door.

Nightlock Feature: A night lock feature is unique to the Yale digital lock. It can be enabled from the inside and prevents anyone with an invalid card or pin to access the door. It also sounds an alarm in case anyone tries to open it.
Fail-secure: In case of an emergency, power drainage, or blackouts, the unit would automatically be disabled.

User Control and Durability

A digital lock can be used by up to 70 users with different PINs and access cards. Users can be removed individually. A master PIN is used for administrative operations. Unlike most electronic locks, the Yale digital lock does not require any external hardware or a separate powering and interfacing, which means, it is easier to install and manage.

Digital locks have been specially constructed to be kings of durability. They are made electronic discharge resistant and can withstand all kinds of weather. They mostly come with tamper-resistant door screws that would keep any burglar out. The internal components are hard wired inside a metal ring which ensures homeowners that it will not be tapped through wireless devices. If the door is damaged, the fail secure feature makes sure the door won’t open easily.

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