Home Automation


Now no need to worry about your home and security, Ultimate Control on the go on IOS & Android applications at your fingertips right from the Lighting & Appliances to your Home Entertainment & Security which allow Seamless Integration & Synchronisation with Third Party Devices with the help of our versatile products such as Smart Modular Switches, Gateways, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IR blasters, RGB Controllers, Media Controllers & Sensors.

Not only this, we give you space to decide that which products you want to install at your premises. We bring you products from top brands in the industry with ease of customisation and integration. Now you do not need to worry about appliances you kept ON while leaving the house, you can always monitor and operate your appliances from anywhere with the help of smart phone app. Our premium products gives your home a new and fresh look like a luxury mansion. Its time to get out of that conventional switches and just raise your fingers for smart touch switches and smart living.

Various features of our Home Automation solutions are as follows,

  • Lighting Control
  • Fan Control
  • Multi-Room Control
  • Smart Touch Panels
  • Retrofit Solutions
  • Unique User Interface
  • Seamless Integration
Home Automation

Extended features of Home Automation solutions are as follows,

  • Robust & Smart Centralise control system which provides convenience & control at your fingertips with Best of Technology
  • Mildly backlit touch switches with smart switch console such as Wired, Zigbee & Wi-Fi
  • Pleasing Retrofit Design which Compliment lush décor & aesthetics
  • Crystal glass Facia into Metal, Glass & Wooden Finishes with Backlit icons
  • Multifunctional Keypad with more controls
  • Capacitive touch with Wireless Technology
  • Surge Protection & wide voltage range